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Rear Disc on My Cup :(

The rear discs dont appear to be working too well! The handbrake sticks on after being out in the wet I was told this is the norm by Reno! Em :( I have my doubts now!

Also the discs are never as shinny as the fronts, is this something to do with bias? and how much they work ?

Any help? The point is I dont think there working too well hence the constant rust finish to the rear discs!

Mine are exactly the same.

Cars going for some warranty work on the 5th so i will get them to take a look at it. Another one to the long list:(

So whats gone wrong with your 172 Cups fellas?

All I have found is that it had no front splitter, no 172 CUP badges and the boot light does not work.


You Cup boys don´t brake hard enough. Common problem on light cars with rear discs. Brake HARD once every week and use the handbrake regularly.


The hand brake makes a god awful noise once you have released it, but I find it needs to be pulled all the way to the top to work!

Scott Id be playing blue murder! I had a few niggles and nagged and nagged and I got some free sevices out of the robbing dogs!

Ill keep you all updated !

Damn thing, still flies though! Scott arent we close I live near Selby and arent you from Goole (area) Please tell me you dont go to Maccy Ds on a sat night!

Got to have my passenger door trim replaced after the body shop buffed out a scratch on my door and buffed the trim now its grey in places.

Had new aux drivebelt and tensioner and the dan thing still squeals every time it starts. third time lucky:p

Abbs172, no I dont goto mac dees on a sturday night, im normally getting messed up in some pub/club.

Im from nearer howden then goole, a vilage called gilberdyke. We will have to meet up sometime....