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Rear Exhaust Heat Shield...


ClioSport Club Member
Just wondering if this can be removed without any problems??

Mine has crumbled around the washers so many times now that I'm struggling to keep it pinned up so wondered if I can just rip the bugger off as it rattles around nowadays.

Yes? No?

Any issues with pulling it off?


  Abarth 500
I'm in the same boat as you, done the washer trick but crumbled again.

Did you take yours off? Thinking of using some sort of silicon and sticking it back up.
  Clio 182
Hi guys! took mine off today so may be of some help. You'll need to lower the rear section of the exhaust ideally. Do this by:

Jack up the rear of the car and put on axle stands for easier access.
Now hold the bacbox in position with a piece of wood on the jack to prevent damage.
Undo the 2 mounts nearest the back bumper, £3 bolts on each)
Undo the forward mount ( 2 bolts )
Now lower the exhaust on the jack, but not too much, just enough for access.
Now undo all the nuts holding the heat shield on and its should come straight off.
Put everything back on in reverse.