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Rear Light Tints

  mk1 RSi
edit. read the thread again! whoops

take your time with it mate. isnt too hard, done it too a few cars. can look v nice
  Clio DCi 65

I'l have a go n then get couple pics up,

New to the whole car modding stuff!!

Ive got my 15's on atm,

Would a 40mil all round drop be low enough to hide the arches?



You'll never hide the arches.....Maybe the wheels!
Make sure you do it when its hot cos they turn grey else, Mine did it.
  1.6 16v without an engine
3 coats on each for me .... pish easy...took me 10 mins

  Clio DCi 65

Did them earlier n they lookin much better than the Lex's that my bro put on there :dead: !

Slip them on ebay now get 20 or so quid to go towards some springs for myself!

Yeh just spray them, let them dry, spray again etc,

I think i did about 5 coats tho!

Il post a pik up 2mo!