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Rear N/S Arch Lower Than O/S, Grinding noise

  DCI Extreme

I noticed the other day that my rear near side arch is sitting lower than my off side arch, and before I noticed this I was aware of a grinding noise coming from the rear near side when I set off, though it stops after ten seconds or so, once the car gets going. Any ideas what this could be?

I drive a PH1 Grande 1.2; I have fitted 16" 172 wheels which initially led to the tyre scraping the inside of the arch but I resolved this with spacers and by cutting away some of the inside arch. I have also put a new spring on the problem side but the car is still sat lower.

Any help would be much appreciated!
  DCI Extreme
Well, finally got to the source of the noise problem! Turns out my exhaust was too close to the rear mount (one or the other must have moved at some point) and was knocking against it, thus the noise. So just a quick re-positioning of the mount and problem sorted! :clap:

As for the near rear side being lower I still don't know why that is, though it could just be the way my car sits on the driveway. Now I know the two problems aren't connected though I can drive easier :)