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Rear Right grinding Noise

  S4, Tamora, Conti GT
I have changed the rear discs and pads, the car has since done about 20 miles, but there is a nasty grinding noise coming from the back somewhere. Can anyone help.
  182cup & 172 racecar
If its a "grinding" noise it could just be the pads are binding slightly as they are new.Wheel bearing is more of a "rumble".

From our race car.
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  S4, Tamora, Conti GT
I bought new discs for it about 20 miles ago and they had the bearings fitted, when i jacked the car up, the wheel wouldn't freely turn. Took the wheel off, took the hub nut off and and checked the washer on the back of the disc was correct way round, put everything back together and checked the hub bolt was at a correct torque, took it just up the road and the noise was worse, seemed to be more emphasised when turning as well. Anyway have dropped the car off at local Renault dealership, whatever s wrong will be sorted by tonight, touchwood. Will let you know what the problem was.
  S4, Tamora, Conti GT
Turns out the done of the discs renault supplied me had a faulty bearing, brand new pair fitted free of charge. Result