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rear wiper blade

  FF RB 182
that plus postage is more than what I have just paid for two for the front from ebay.
Dont think you can get rear aero wiper can you for the clio?

I got a valeo type one off a member off here, But it doesnt follow the curve so i get a bit missing at the top when wiping !
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  Skoda Fabia vRS
get down the dealers for one there not much, its a plastic 'click in' blade you cant just fit anything to it as the usual style clip is part of the arm not the blade
As Brun said, you need to get the proper type of wiper to fit it, they're a totally different fitment to the fronts.
  FF RB 182
have bought a normal one from ebay for the back was £5.45 with free delivery.

Thanks for the info though :)