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Recommend me a garage -Manchester

  The Bus and MRT
I had my K-tech stealth fitted about 3 months ago and it's always rattled a bit, but a lot when anyone sits in the back. Now it's started rattling when ever I pull off in first gear.

I've taken it to renault to have some other things fixed but they said they couldn't touch the exhaust as it was after market and the person who'd fitted it hadn't replaced the mounts(or brackets) and they weren't strong enough.

I've just moved to stokport so don't know any decent garages that could fix it for me, can anyone recommend one that can get me in ASAP and is fairly cheap :D
  The Bus and MRT

Nope already tried there, they said as it was an after market exhaust all they could do was replace it with the standard one..... really helpful of them hey :(

Any other suggestions please, it's really starting to annoy me now every time I drive the car
  C63 AMG, F430 & 172
just go and buy a new rear mount from renault. and the centre hangers..

then just find a cheep local gargae. its not rocket science to fit a zorst..

they will be able to loosen the "U" clamps and jig it about abit so it has a good gab between the rear axle then nip them up tight to fit