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Recommendations on ecu remap for 172 cup?

Hi all,
Could anyone point me in the right direction on the best ecu map available for my 172 cup, been looking at the rsport ecu but am i correct in saying these are no longer produced, ive been reading a few reviews on a ktec remap and they have good reviews, any help would be much appreciated

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RStuning in Leeds for a Live Remap. A live map is the best way to map your car but it will be more expensive. Due to the process and the power runs.

If you want a generic map, theres a device called the RStuner(nothing to do with RStuning), These can be bought from Fastchip.
You map you car on the driveway with a generic map, simple to do and a decent bit of kit for the money.
Some of the tuners use the RStuner to map your car anyhow
I live in cleveland which is north east, ive worked in leeds quite alot and ive been to rstuning before with a friend of mine, so am i right in saying the rsport ecu are no longer available? and that they cant be tranfered to another car
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yep rs tuner, the latest map is epic, if you havnt modded ure cars engine much then its the best option, id say keep the rs tuner for data logging and fault code removal
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IF you can find a second hand one you can have it unlocked, i have one, but its mine!

If I laced your hands with shiny silver coins, would you then need to pay ontop of that to unlock the previous car? Or is it simply a code you type in?
Im not to sure but how do you input a code onto an ecu, im guessing you need some computer software and some knowledge in this kinda thing