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Redline want my car!!!

Yeah at last my aim has been achieved Redline have been in contact and have said they want to do a feature on my car for those of you havent seen my car go to its not everyones cup of tea but its different. It has changed slightly since these pics have been done a stereo and door mirrors are on the way, unfortunately my dump valve is going to need a bit more research as its not working right at the mo, needs a pressure regulator or some thing.

Cool, the latest redline has a clio in so it will be you and marcuss jap valver there next!

Go clios, shake your asses, its your birthday...

Nice 1 boys!!

Both your cars are looking good and i look forward to seeing the features!!

One thing i dont agree with is the criteria needed to get cars features in the so called leading car mags. I know Andy Mills from Max and he loves my car but cant even do a 1 page feature without it having a bodykit. I spoke to him and said that i prefere the look of the clio without bodykits. He agreed but said that a car has to have 1 to have a feature. So even if you spend 8k having a turbo convo, nice wheels, nice colour, leather, etc without a kit it wont be featured!!

Dont you think people would like to read about other cars without mad jap kits on. Dont get me wrong i do like bodykits though, i just think some cars look better with the original stuff on.

Im sure most of you will agree, when a new issue of a mag comes out and you buy it you ignore all the nova/corsas with jap styling and read all the mrk1/2 golfs, clios or proper jap cars etc.

Rant over now
  mk2 172

ha ha vey good,wish had enough money for all the things i want for it, its just a b*****d having a house and another car to run and things seem to take forever to save up for

Hopefully if i can get the finishing touches done in time i.e. Stereo system etc, they may consider it on there stand at donny, if not Merseyspped said they would have it on theres, or is Clio sport having a stand?

Quote: Originally posted by Craggy on 05 March 2003

ha ha vey good,wish had enough money for all the things i want for it, its just a b*****d having a house and another car to run and things seem to take forever to save up for

No how you feel, its very annoying having money limiting what you want! I might have to get a cup and not use it on the road for a year, how annoying will that be!

I agree with Kev Millard, there are so many cars out there that look mint with just little touchs such as wheels etc. Some full kits look good but then does everyone just want to see what mags like? Cos i certainly dont. Fair enough Max etc must sell well with mad jap mods but its not everyones cup of tea.
  BMW 320d Sport

Im with you Kev mate. Still, the best way to get your point across is not to buy the mags with crappy 1.0 Corsas in them. Difficult I know but its buying mags like PGTi, CCC etc that keeps them going and lets the other mags know they should change their angle. I cant be bothered to complain to Revs about their recent change of direction to less mods and more birds. I just decided not to buy it any more. All the old issues I used to keep and kept referring back to them cos every feature car was always fresh and quality, now theres nothing in there to stop you from turning the pages until you reach the end in 5 minutes.

When it gets to the point that its getting embarrasing buying a mag and reading it in public because people are gonna think youre some lonely loser who needs to buy a Razzle every month, Ive got to draw the line. Hence I dont buy any of those sort of mags any more, Revs was the only one that was good, and now rather than trying to be different theyve tried to imitate Max Power etc. A real shame I think.
  Revels Mum & Sister

I agree with you mate. I bought Max Power mainly for the BBTuning Clio. Althought the mental golf at the front was Allrite. 0-60 - 3.86 Secs!!!

But the comment about buying them and reading them is rite. I allways fold it in half and hide it now. Tits all over it. But just get PGti. Cant find CCC will have to look in WHSmiths.

Fair play for getting your cars in the Magazine though. Nice to see some Clios in there. Never see them anymore.

i have to agree as well, most of the mags are getting sh!t, and i feel the cars appear to be of a lesser quality, (dont get me wrong there are some nice examples out there but there appear to be more sheds)

i appreciate that people are after one offs and trying new ideas, but in most cases the finished result is sh1t, the majority of cars such as puntos, corsas etc only have 1.0 engines so they are all show and no go.

most of the kits people buy look sh1t and in most cases i feel that people would be better off buying some thing worth while which actually looks some thing in its own right rather than seeing how many spoilers and bits they can fit to it.

rant over !

agreed, i read these "boyracer" mags alot...and its very rare that I find a car that really impresses me.

although did anyone see the corsa C in this months max power, hes turned it into a v6 look alike...quite impressive!

yeah i dont like the way mags are going. think fast car started it all and all followed suit. i dont even buy fast car anymore its complete toss to read.

it wont be long before there will be more tits and ass in them then cars. if i wanted a mag like that id buy men only club or something like that

revs is the worst of them all. i really like this mag when i first cam out. it claimed to be differnt which it really was. i loved the features on comparing cars in the same category. finding which was best ect ect ect but now that all gone its just another max power. however revs does have the fittest birds by a long way off all mags

recenly bought ccc and found it to be a good read,

i want a mag that has more tunning side of things. testing things giving feedback to public so they know what works and does not work to improve ur car. i really really cant stand cars that are all show and no go now. its pointless, sorry it may offend some heavily styled cars on here but if it has the go then i have no problem but ihate ppl that give it large and cant do sh*t in reality but loud bodykits and puny engines are exatly the same to me

just my opinion

  350z & 16v Maxi

The Link doesnt work buddy, wouldnt mind seeing it. I think mine will be a cover car in one of those mags ones i get it back as the comp that is doing it has been speaking to them about it and hopefully will be sorted for next months or the following.

the daddy, congrats mate! Ill defo be buying that issue!

Remember people where you saw it first!! :D