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Refurbishing Willy Wheels

I want to refurbish my alloys myself, just wondering how difficult it is to take off the tyres and what is the best method?

  Clio 197

Best to go to a garage to take the tyres off. It can be a real pain in the arse otherwise. The machine does it in seconds.

Mine arn;t in that bad condition really as theve been refurbished in the past, but the original wheels have the outer rim alloy colour and mine have been toally sprayed gold, so I was going to take off the paint from there and laquar over it, plus theres a few places where its just starting to bubble up which i want to do. Im going to phone reno and find out if they sell the gold paint.

if its to difficult to get off the tyres then i could try deflating the tyre like when they did Trogs and seeing if i have enough room but i really wanted to do the inside aswell as ive been getting a few slow leaks due to flaking paint letting air out.

I had to have one of my Williams alloys refurbed. It cost me £35 and the they re-diamond cut the rim as well. Was a top finish on the gold as well.

I wouldnt even try and take the tyre off yourself, as someone else has said though you dont need to take the whole tyre off really.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

ah, thats Prescot

i almost used them but didnt know if they were any good, an they seemed uninterested in my business on the phone

Yeah thats the place, I know what you mean about the interest thing!! But they do have loads on, when I worked at Mercedes/Porsche they used to use them as well.

Louise, £45 per wheel. They were very badly corroded. T Fer, Regards to getting the right colour on the wheels, this is the prob, unlike car body paint which has a colour code the wheels dont have one. When I had mine done they had to mix paint to try and get the right shade. They used Nissan paints It would be interesting if someone could try and contact speedline who manufactured the wheels and find out the actual colour details.