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Removing bottom half of dash?

  Clio 172
Any advice on how to remove the bottom half of the dash along with heaters/ and all ancilleries. Also then how to I install only the top half as I have seen a number of cars like this.
Remove top first
Then bottom will become evident.


3 screws in vents
1 in sides by rubber door seal
3-4 screws behind the silver RS trim
Pull up and towards you too slide off


You'll work it out ;)
  172 Cup
You can just put the top half back, But the clocks will have no mountings, as theses are on the lower half of the dash. The top of the dash will locate at the bottom of the windscreen via 3x vent fixings, but you will have no mounting points towards the front/ center unless you fab up your own brackets. Same goes for the following switches: hazard, door lock, rear screen heater, headlight beam adjust & dash back light adjuster.