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Removing rear axle

  Clio 182
Ok well today i had a nasty crash in my 182 and basically ive bent the rear axle aswell as other parts. What i was wondering is is it hard to change a rear axle on a 182 or is it just unbolt it from the bottom of the suspension struts, disconnect the brake lines and then unbolt it from the the other attaching point to the car? Then just bolt up the new axle and bleed the brakes.

Thanks in advance.
  ibiza cupra
easy mate like you say un attach every thing fron the brakes (line hand brake cabels and abs cables if you have them), un bolt the shocks and the spring will come out as it hangs. then just unattach the little thing that is in the middle of the cross beam (not sure what it is but seperate it anyway) then unbolt the the hanging brackets from the body as the long bolts that go through the axel are too long to be pulled out with them still atached to the car, so you end up taking them off anyway. check your stub axels if you arnt not replacing them as some times it is just those that are bent then when you put it all back together, there is no difference and it will still crab along the road.