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Removing Seats Help needed please

  BMW X5

Hi u lot.

Ive currently got a 1.2 Authentique and im replacing the interior with a 172 interior. Just wondering a few things....

a) How do i get the seats out from my car? Front and rear (bench not split)

b) are all of the electronics under the seat for airbag the same for my car as they are for a 172 mk 2? I.e direct just plug replacement?

c) Are the pre-tensioners attached to the seat or the car? If the seats, can i take them off my old seats and use with the new ones?

d) current rear seat in not a split, its a bench so therefore will i have any problems swapping? Will it be compatible?

Thanks for your help guys.


Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep

The rear seats are easy to change. Firstly take out the base and then remove the black bar in the boot with a 17mm socket. You can now get to the bolt holding the seat back in. Undo the bolt that is closest to the back, then you may have to loosen the front bolt. Lift the sides out of the guides and slide the seat towards the boot. Refitting is just a reversal, but before you do that swap the rear side cards over whilst you have the space.

To change the rear doorcards unbolt both the rear seatbelt and the front one, then carefully prise the card off having already removed the speaker.

The front doorcards are a little more complicated. On my mk2 ph1 I actually needed to extend the electric window switch wires by about 4 inches. Firstly remove the speaker cover then the speaker and then the window switches. Next remove the screw holding the handle on and remove the cable from it. Remove the grab handle screw and pull this out. You then have to remove the bit of plastic running up to the top of the door at the rear and pull off the plastic that cover the mirror mountings. Now undo the four screws at the bottom of the door. The only things holding the panel on are a few plastic clips and very sticky black stuff. Gently pull the panel away from the door and cut the black stuff away. Again its just a reversal for fitting the new one.

The front seats are daunting but easy enough. Firstly disconnect the battery and wait for at least 5 minutes and undo the wires underneath the seats, then remove the plastic side covers at the base of the seat using a torx socket to undo the screw and push them towards the front of the car. Remove the seat belt holder so you can see all the bolts underneath the pretensioner. On each side there are 3 bolts so just undo all of these and the seat will come out leaving the subframe in the car. Put the new seat in and gradually tighten up the bolts going round to opposite bolts so they are not lopsided. Then just put the seatbelt holder back in place and refit the plastic covers.

B) I dont know but Id be surprised if they were different. If they are just use new connectors.

C)Yes you can use your old ones as they attach to the seat subframe.

D) I very much doubt there will be a problem with it but cant say for sure as I already had a split rear seat.

Any more questions dont hesitate to ask