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Renault & Cats

I am pi55ed off with Renault!!!!!

My car is 1 year 6 days old and had the dreaded 4k rattle....i have had the centre section replaced about 6months ago but now its the CAT that has a big f**k off crack down the centre...

Renault are demanding i pay 20% of the cost as exhaust warranty after the first year is 80% cover.

Problem is....CAT for mk2 172 is £730+vat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can they justify this?? I have to pay £197!!!!!



in HK we replace most stuff even if warrety is expired and itll keept eh customer.

you will just have to talk to the general manager as he will not have the time (to talk) but the authority to give it to you. Best is just to hassle the manager not the staff.....hopefully he will just give it to you to shut you up.......its what we do.

just say its teh 2nd time its happened and it really shouldnt of in the first place!

Without wanting to sound retarded... Why not just ditch the cat and stick in a de-cat pipe? Its surely got to be cheaper? Then see if you can get someone in the know to weld up the cat and then stick it back on come MOT time?

Just a suggestion... :sick:

dunno, what sort of results have people had with de cats as im not sure how itll run on the super closed loop system if there is no car and the reading from both lambdas will be the same..........

See if your local scrap yards have any clio 172s in, you may be lucky and if so just get the cat from them (will be cheaper than renault!)


Thing is that the Cat and Downpipe are a single solid unit welded together!!! hows that for manufacturer designing in service costs!!!

I will speak to the service manager cos they have also managed to lose my tax disc in the process of valleting the car .... so thats the replacement fee plus new ally tax they keep messing me about!

I will have another go....really laid into the service bloke without results



why are renault cats so expensive ???

my girlfriend needs a new CAT + EXHAUST for her 106gti and shes looking at about £300 fitted for the lot.....

so why is my cat £730 ????

(i expect there to be a simple answer to this but i just wondered)


  Shiny red R32

Use your good. honest local independent garage, if you have to bear the cost yourself, not the greedy dealer!

You can take your car to ANY VAT registered garage for work to be done.

I went in there today cos they said the cat would be there to fit and they dont actually know yet.....but i said i wanted a cheque for the replacement tax disk holder and the fee for replacing the tax disk they almost refused to work on the car and ended up stood staring each other this the quality of renault customer services....i would normally have walked out and got the work done elsewhere except i just havent the time for a few weekends.

I think a call/letter to Renault UK might make me feel a little better.



When my car went in for centre section repair the woman behind the desk thought it was the cat and told me it was 100% covered. When she found out i was needing the centre section she explained that she had thought it was the cat and had re-checked and it should be 100% covered at the age of your car but it might depend on mileage.