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Renault clio 2009 gt driver door indicator

  Renault clio 1.6 gt
Hey guys just wondering if any of you had this problem I've got a Renault clio 2009 gt I noticed my indicator on my door wasn't working so I thought it was just a blown bulb so I went out today and bought a new bulb and unfortunately it still didn't work I had a proper luck and it seems they is loads of corrosion on the little metal clips which I'm guessing is the issue I've been searching everywhere on the Internet to find these clips but can't find them anywhere can any one suggest any ideas please I'd be very greatfull I've attached a few pictures of the connectors and they are a but snapped

Thanks tich


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ClioSport Club Member
just clean them, and the prongs on the indicator unit with a small bit of sand paper, worse case scenario cut them off, strip back the wire and put some new ones on from an electrical shop/Halfords etc