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Renault Mag....

  Williams 2, STi N12

Good point, Ive been looking for one too. Even considered starting my own - easy money I reckon!! Why not start one between us all?? A sort of fanzine effort for starters? Show the rest of the Ford/VW crew who rules!!
  clio 20v

they had performance gti that was 4 french cars but i dont think they sell that anymore i dont think theres enough demand for a renault only mag
  BMW 320d Sport

Performance GTi ran for three issues (maybe 4) and Ive got all of them. Distribution problems meant they shut down complaining that no-one was buying the mag, but you simply couldnt buy it anywhere and it was quarterly or something stupid like that.

I remember while it was running we used to post messages everywhere the day anyone spotted it and everyone rushed to the shops to get a copy before it ran out - there were only ever about 5 copies in the main Southend WHSmiths and they were gone in a day or two!

cant get the CCC anywhere in manchester from what ive heard it sound like a informative read as well unlike Max Power etc