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renault sports club

  Renault Laguna Coupe

The forums ok - lots of people from here use it. I think quite a few ClioSport members are also paid-up members of the RSC.

I am a bit pissed off with the RSC....despite about 6 emails to the various admin people and paying the money (almost a year ago) i still cant access the website.

I doubt i will renew my subscription..
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I agree with wallisj. Ive not had much joy with RSC, especially when compared to Cliosport. I sent off my £20, and after about 6 months of E-Mails I received a membership card and letter. I didnt get info about the specific discounts on offer or the rest of my membership pack or access to the members only parts of the website.

Overall Ive found Cliosport looks after its members better and keeps you up to date with new stuff, as well as involving people more over the net such as with the competitions and a website that actually gets updated. (and its loads cheaper!!!!)


Cliosport provided the best 2 track days i have every been an excellent price too....with added cliosport extras....who can ask for more from a fiver!!!!


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RSC had problems with changing chairmen?....and the previous busy chairman

its all sorted out now so if you post over there you should receive your pack within a few days to a week
  clio 20v

rsc had problems cos the old chairman was a nob/too busy i dont know which 1 but if hed said that instead of fobbing me off saying hed sent my membership when he hadnt it would have been better

the new 1 is much better and just e-mail them and ull get ur website access thing