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Renault warranty voided

Hi im new here and have had my Renault Clio 1.2 16 valve dynamique for about a week... what i want to know is what will happen to my warranty if i do any/all of the following:

Induction kit, chip upgrade, exhaust (downpipe + decat), ekotech valve, power boost valve, bodykit, drop of 60mm, tints, 16" alloys.

(also can anyone give me a educated guess of what bhp this will produce (75 bhp standard)

theres my long term plan for my new clio some of which may come next month depending on what the situation with warranty is... im guessing that pretty much any of the above will void it, if not and i can lower it or summin i may leave it for a year b4 i start modding it or summin... what uze think?

Thanks alot, Dave

You void what you touch is the going thing.... If you lower it then they will void anything that can go wrong with your car because of that.... But generally Renault are pretty good about mods...

depends on the dealership, however ive got it in writing from customer service.

renault can void anything related to the thing you modify.

However they still will repair something if it would have happened despite the modifcation(hard to proove)

You should be ok with most things, and remember alot of stuff is easy to remove:)
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I have the same spec as you and ive had mine for comming on a year.Renault dont have a problem with small changes like alloys aslong as u tell them. However they refused to touch the filter kit,exhaust etc anything that inproves performance.Saying that though ive still made the changes its if you want to take the risk.Best thing you can do is get in contact with renault insurance and see were you would stand.


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Quote: Originally posted by DinGuS on 20 February 2003

Induction kit, chip upgrade, exhaust (downpipe + decat), ekotech valve, power boost valve, bodykit, drop of 60mm, tints, 16" alloys.

(also can anyone give me a educated guess of what bhp this will produce (75 bhp standard)
About 7 bhp more Id guess.
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Yea as said, if you fit an aftermarket exhaust Renault could refuse to cover any engine work in the warrenty. Suspension will not really be a problem, nor will wheels, but the ekotech valve will upset them I think.

And 7 bhp sounds about right.


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Some dealers are a little kind. I was once told to go home and bring the car back without all the junk on it, and then they would cover me under warranty.

Some are a wee bit crafty, they service the car including all the aftermark addons and say nothing, but they make a note of what you had on then cast it up when you go in with a problem.

I like the sound of these CUP addons ( puckka Renault stuff ) This is the way to go and about time too.
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Quote: Originally posted by ClioJohn on 21 February 2003

thats not right. fitting a new exhaust cant be used as excuse for the engine exploding.
If I owned a car company and gave someone a warranty with a car and they had fitted an aftermarket part that had broken the engine, its the difference between me paying for a new engine or them.

There is no way Id cover aftermarket part damage, and the exhaust is directly related to the engine.

I think it says in the warranty book that Renault will not cover any aftermarket parts, or those parts that have been damaged as a result of the aftermarket part. Its their decision.
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If i were you id go for just the alloys and suspension. If you want just noise, get the exhaust and induction but you wouldnt notice any performance changes really. 75 bhp from a 1.2 is pretty good as it is as standard id have thought, i doubt you can get much more from doing small "mods" like chip, filter, exhaust etc. Theyd make a nice noise tho ;) espeically the filter.....Its not worth voiding ur warranty really over mods that you wont notice (thats if you want power hikes). If you want noise, take the cold air feeds off ur airbox - voila, induction kit roar - costs nothing. If you go modding then youl get fed up with taking the parts off before services and regular renault visits youll be having anyway! just my opinions anyway! sorry!