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A GUIDE: Fitting Momo Gear Knob

  Chocolate Bar™

Replacing Gear Knob in Phase 2 Clio II

After reading what a few people on here have said about the removal of the gear knob I thought I would have a go, and keep a ‘photo log’ as I went as it may be of help to some people in the future.

Time taken: approximately 2 hours, however a lot of faffing around, and once the gear knob is removed it is literally a 1 minute job.

Tools used were:

Drill, Junior Hacksaw, Mole grips(although not really used), flat head screw driver.

Flick the centre cap of the gear knob off. I did this by sliding a kitchen knife into the base of the cap, and then by tilting the knife so the bit popped out. For the record I had sprayed the centre cap metallic dark silver and is available if anyone wants it ;)

2. Then I drilled through the centre of the gear knob until I hit white plastic (as advised by Finals Maxim.) Once I had done this I tried to twist and pull the gear knob off using a combination of mole grips and general violence.

3. I honestly couldn’t get the gear knob to budge using this technique (perhaps I’m weak and everyone else succeeds :p) so I opted for the tried and tested technique of sawing the gear knob off. Primarily because I knew I wouldn’t be keeping it as a spare, or to sell on because the previous owner had damaged it.

4. In sawing the gear knob off I found that after cutting down one side I could quite easily pull the outer layer of grey material off. This allowed me to see the plastic internals of the gear knob and to assess how I would cut into it.

5. Before starting this I didn’t truly understand how the lift-up reverse works, and so I didn’t want to cut into the mechanism. As such I cut small chunks and then used a flat blade screwdriver to force the chunks off one at a time so I could survey what I would be cutting into. Personally I wouldn’t advise this as it was very painstaking and a bit pathetic.

It would in fact have been much easier to drill down the centre of the gear knob until I hit metal, and then to elongate the hole sufficiently so that I could see the entire of the top of the metal post. You can then quite safely cut alongside the metal post without affecting the mechanism.

6. When I had done this it was simply a matter of chipping off the last bits of plastic that were stuck to the post, to reveal the metal post.

7. I was fitting a momo sphere airmetal gear knob, and it shows on the instructions that depending on the size of the metal post you may have to put one of their spacers on (a metal spring.) I found the post to be 12mm and as such it didn’t require the spacer to be used. It was therefore a simple matter of screwing the grub screw into the gear knob until it was flush with the inside where it exits.

Then I offered the gear knob onto the post, checked that the lift up mechanism worked, and then I tightened the grub screw using the allen key provided after checking that the gear knob was straight.

8. Finally sit back, open a can of Kronenbourg and admire.

This is intended as a guide of how I went about the works and should not be followed explicitly. I accept no blame for any damage done to an individuals car :p

Any other suggestions or improvements to this guide would be more than welcomed, because as I said earlier I thought it was a little bit daunting to start without any idea of what was needed.

Sorry about the disclaimer but I have to cover myself. Many thanks to my girlfriend for having the patience to sit with me whilst I did the job, and for taking the photographs :)
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport

photos dont work. good effort on the guide but i honestly dont know how u managed to spend two hours on it.

i got to work with ni prior experience with a hacksaw and a monkey wrench, sawed to the white plastic then put the wrnech round it and yanked it off. Then putting new one is a piss of piss. took me under 10 minutes.
  Chocolate Bar™

dont know why the pics arent working - they were working when i wrote the descriptions ?
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport

in fact thats definintely it mate. finish the liks with .jpg at the end and they work.
  Chocolate Bar™

it was actually because id resized the images. in making them their normal size they all worked :D
  Chocolate Bar™

Quote: Originally posted by Type_Mo on 12 January 2005

I always thought it was ....

Remove old one

Fit new one

Job Done :D:p

thats what i thought but i still managed to make a mess of it and ended up spending ages on it :oops:

lol i twisted mine off using a baby boa...a device for old grannies to get the lids off jam took me two secs to break the glue and this is on a 2002 dynamique and came off cleanly and could perfectly be reattached with a drop of glue lol
  Chocolate Bar™

seriously i had a really good go at twisting and pulling it off and it just wouldnt even budge. even when id cut one half clean off the other half still wouldnt budge off the metal post :confused:

the pics did work but now theyre gone, any clues on where we can see them, am going to get angry with my clio now and say the damm thing off if it looks at me any more, have got a rather nice sparco silver and black gear knob to fit and its looking at me funny.
  Chocolate Bar™

pics arent working as theyre uploaded on the cliosport uploder (which isnt working)

as stated, just saw it off using a junior hacksaw. PM me if theres anything specific you wanna ask