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Renaultsport Spider

  2012 WRX Waggon

just followed one down the M60, bright yellow, utterly beautiful!

whats the story with these things?

Kind of meant to be the French Elise, with two seats and an aluminium chassis. But it weighs 935kg as opposed to the Elises 760kg. Powered by the F7R Willy/Megane 2.0 engine; good for 150bhp and a power-to-weight close to the Elise in theory. No roof though!

Crap sales in UK - not even a 100 sold. Almost all in yellow - but I have seen a green one!

As a RenaultSport fan, I would love one. But hard to justify next to an Elise, although its better built.
  2012 WRX Waggon

bloody ell - i though it would have been a rocket ship by the look of it!

wish id have been in me 172 now instead of her lard arse audi.


ClioSport Club Member
  Golf GTi DSG

A guy on RSC has a blue one, on the RSC gumball, 19 16vavles where apparently faster.

na they wernt faster.. i got it on video. we hit 130 all in a row. if anything i had to let off a bit behind one of the 19s when we were hammering it.

My mate has one - had many races with it - fairly similar but did pull ahead slightly.

do a search on race with spyder

i wanna see that video ben, lol get some evidence on here, i think you will find i was waiting for the spider to move :p and you try out haveing a race starting at 90 and puting the foot down in 5th you wont pull away very fast either :p

and let the record show the spider maxed out at 134 mph as he has it on video and i continue getting further awaay doing 140 mph

p.s clios suck novas rule !!

hi rich..

hows ya nova beast..

the video is on tape. dunno how to put it on pc..

theres me behind u. shouting to hurry up cause i was gaining on you..

and the megane and spider were in the other lane. dont make excuses... no wonder ya bloody car died!

rich whos rich /me hides behind the left over red reno :p

yeah novas running sweet as, 55bhp of pure power !! got over took by a standard 306 tongiht :( could have over took him twice in the reno

pritty sure something was in my way lol what about ray hes slow might have been him :p go recheck lol and post me video lol i wanna watch this so called evidence :p