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Repair Garages

Anyone know anywere i can get my car heater dials fixed, dont wanna go to any old back street garage but i also dont wanna spend a bomb, anyone been anywere any good i can get a quote from?

Im in the east midlands but i will travel, go just about anywere for a laugh at the weekends I went to Great Yarmouh on saturday just to pick up a couple of tyres, cost me more in petrol like but it was a real laugh!
  Golf GTi DSG

Whats wrong exactly? Do they not light up or do the heaters not work when you turn the dials?

I snapped a part off a week or so ago so i cant change it hot to cold etc, but wen it snapped it was constantly hot, suddenly its gone to constantly cold, i cud deal with hot as i can wind the window down, but wen i get cold driving to college wot the f**k am i suppose to do? light a fire! lol
  Golf GTi DSG

Personally Id take it to Lexs autocentres, there nationwide and good value as well. Ive always took my car there and it always comes back top notch!