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Replaced exhaust,well nearly.

  clio 182
Stayed at work yesterday night to replace my standard exhaust on my 182 to a prospeed since my standard was rotten. I had an utter nightmare. Firstly whoever had the car before me decided to weld the whole exhaust together so no chance of getting it off through the rear beam so had to get the grinder on it. Got the old exhaust off couldn't believe how much the old exhaust and back boxes weighed,didn't help that one of the back boxes was full of water.It then came to fixing my new exhaust,a prospeed cat back apparently off the same model car, bought on cliosport,not a hope in hell would it fit,must of tried for about an hour.So gave up since the bore on the prospeed was a little bit too small because of a reducer added,will have to get a section welded to fit it. Glad I tried on the ramp at works garage rather than on my back on axle stands. Well then had the 8 mile drive home with just a cat great fun sounded a cross between a jet and a scooby,turned a few heads lol. Will get it sorted soon possibly with a decat or sports cat.
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
Think the standard 182 exhausts are in one piece anyway mate. Pretty sure the 3 sections are manifold > cat > centre & rear in one piece.

Shame about the prospeed not fitting correctly though