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Replacement oil cap

  02 Iceberg 172
Recently I got a replacement oil cap for my Ph2 172 - Part No 8200062947 - but it doesn't seem to fit :(

The diameter of the cap is slightly larger than the original cap and means that the side of the inlet manifold runner interferes with it, and I physically can't secure down onto the engine.

It's a genuine cap from Renault too, same as what you can buy on the KAM Racing website - looks a little bit different to the original one:


Has anyone else experienced this? Short of grinding down the inlet runner or the cap itself I don't see how it can fit...
  02 Iceberg 172
Just to follow up on this I had to file away some of the inlet runner - not a huge amount though as I also shaved down the cap itself a bit to make sure it had clearance to fit.

No biggie in the end but a bit disappointing that it required a bit of fettling to fit - posted as I was wondering if anyone had experienced this as well. I assume through the lack of replies that no one else had... 😅