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Reprogramming Key

I have two keys for my Clio. The one unlocks the car on the button but would not turn the engine on (flashing immobiliser light). The second key would not work the central locking but would start the engine. When pressing the central locking button on this key the little light on the fob would light but the car wouldn't unlock.

When I was at the garage getting the cambelt changed they said I just need the key reprogramming and speak to the local locksmiths (they do anything locks). They were unable to help (said they were not able to get into cars due to covid, fair point) but put me in touch with an automotive locksmith. He has just come out and did some diagnostic and was a bit stumped.

The key that worked the central locking but not the engine didn't have a chip in. So he put one in, copied it from the key that worked. Perfect. Now I have a key that unlocks the car on the button and also starts the engine. Which is sort of what I wanted plus now I have a spare key that starts the car.

He checked the other key and that is giving out a signal for the remote central locking, but the car is not picking it up/ignoring it. He couldn't check if this is the correct signal. He said the key might be able to be re-paired with the car but was unsure of the procedure. Is this a possibility? Something like a certain procedure when starting - put the key in, wait X seconds, press something etc.

Both keys work the door lock manually. The issue he said is if I lock the car on the button and I lose that key then I am stuffed. If I lock the car using the lock in the door and lose a key then I am fine.

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Just seen this @KitsonRis did you sort the issue? There is a sequence to recode a plip issue, search the forums.

I need my spare one sorting, but for starting car too, what auto locksmith did you use?
I haven't no, just been careful about where I leave my key! I will have another search, I may have not been using the right terms to search.

It was just a local guy with a van I was out in touch with buy this local company, not sure they would go out to you if you are not in the Gloucester area.