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Resetting your ECU - good.

  CTR EK9 turbo

I went to meet a guy who prepares race cars - one being a clio cup car. He had a look at mine, ive written this in a few post earlier. One thing he did do was to reset my ecu - this was done by him turning the key onto the setting where all the lights were illuminated, pumped the acclerator (3 times i think) turned it off for 30 seconds, then started it (i cant remember if these were exactly the measures taken). The car had previously been idling a bit lumpily, kinda miss firing, and now it doesnt do it. Also I used to get the odd flat spot on accleration, particularly in 2nd gear, the pull would not be smooth up through the rev range, and now its back to normal. Apparently the ecu gathers errors from when you stall it etc and resetting it is like doing so to your home computer i guess - clears the errors off and starts a fresh. Ive stalled the car a few times, once and jump started it promplty to avoid looking like a turnip, but thats apparently bad for the cat. (meow) So there you go.

  CTR EK9 turbo

Give it a go my friend, it worked for me. My idle was really lumpy, it didnt sound healthy at all, until we did the reset. Try it, you might like it.
  172 Cup

Simon obviously something beneficial happened to your car but how did he reset the ecu. Surely pressing the accelerator (cable in your case rather than fbw) 3 times and starting the car would not reset the ecu?!?!?


Althought the throttle isnt FBW it still moves a potentiometer which the ECU reads.

(eg on a late Clio 16v you enter the alarm code using a button on the end of the stalk and press the accelerator in between numbers).
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

So how do you reset the ECU? Mine idle is very lumpy and has been back to the dealer twice to sort it out but with no luck!

Simon - Gave it a try as per your instructions, but tickover is still exactly the same. Not tried driving it yet, though...Are you sure about it being three presses of the accelerator pedal?
  CTR EK9 turbo

Maybe its more? (I didnt do it, this bloke did it for me who prepares cup cars) Im going back to see him on monday - to pick up a group N ecu i ordered and ill ask him how he did it exactly. On a rover forum, a guy said that the procedure is the same, but you pump the accelerator 12 times on a rover 200. So he turned it onto the setting with all the lights illuminated, pumped the accelerator, turned it off for 30 secs or more, then turned it on. It seemed to smooth everything out and my idle was way less lumpy, without the misfirings. Although today i stuck my head next to the exhaust and it did a little misfire today! time for another reset!

Simon - okay, let us know when you have spoken to him again. Also, how much are you paying for this ECU? What are the expected gains?

  350z & 16v Maxi

Meant to ask everyone, what is the button on the end of the wiper control arm for on a 95 16v. And I could really do with resetting my ECU can you find out if it is the same procedure?

My 172 has had a lumpy idle since the day i picked it up.

Also, when starting from cold and driving off, i get hesitation as I accelerate, making it hard to drive smoothly. Once warmed up, it is okay.

Tried the instructions above, but pressed the pedal all the way down 4 times. and BINGO.

Now seems a lot sweeter. Not sure if it really is, but it sure as hell seems to be!!! Could be psychological, i guess, but it really does feel different to me.

  CTR EK9 turbo

same with me. Im sure it cant be psychological, i keep telling myself that As for the cost of the ecu, its £275 and the guy said it should make the car more responsive and give it some more top end. Probably just make my car less economical. Ill see how it goes on monday, hopefully it wont blow my car up!

Think you can scrub what i said earlier.

went out to my car earlier today, after it had been standing all night. AND...

Lumpier than my nans custard.

never mind. ho hum.