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respect or scared

been up behind a clio 172 and had a clio 172 behind me today... both kitted up a bit with diff alloys and rear spoilers.

the guy who i pulled up behind.... he looked in his rear view mirror and then pulled away slowly, and didnt even try pushing... he stuck to the 40mph speed limit as if he had doubts whether to try his luck?

the guy behind he stayed atleast 2-3 car lengths behind me! wouldnt come behind close, maybe he thought he mihgt edge me on to floor it?

whats the score with willy v 172?


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Id be up for a race with one if anyone sees me on the road.!

Dont care if I win or not but Id like to compare!
  mk2 172

in most cases a 172 would take it to be honest, though there are some willys out there that can more than look after themselves
  Silver Fabia vRS

Perhaps they just didnt want to race? I had some bloke in a Mondeo ST220 trying to push me along the other night but I didnt want to race. To be honest Id have probably lost as they are quicker on paper (and Fords are renowned for underestimating there performance specs), but just wanted to stick to the 60mph I was doing.

Jamesc2 - Perhaps the bloke sticking to the 40mph limit values his licence more than you?
  CTR EK9 turbo

Id like to race one too. Also like to compare. It should be pretty close whatever the out come - if yours can beat mine, you can beat a standard pulsar........

How much does the Willy weigh? do the different versions differ in weight? could that be due to the performance differences? perhaps the willy 1s are lighter and therefore quicker? What version is your Craggy?

Sorry about all the questions!

  mk2 172

mines a 2, can pull away from a normal 172 in any gear really, and willy 1 and 2 are mechanically identical, 3 is slightly different with abs and sunroof. the fastes 172 about (tim o) beat me by a nats chuff at york. iv since improved mines breathing and 10k boosted so im sure its a little quicker now too.

geoff, noone values their license enough to stick to 40mph in jersey! u could run/cycle faster anyway! lol :D

maybe my inductionkit noise and exhaust scared them ;)

So have we decided that a Willy is faster than a 172? I didnt think that was right (Was the bloke in the video caning it? - He seemed to accelerate/deccelerate a lot!!)
  mk2 172

the bloke was caning it!, that first bit is balls out round a roundabout, you had to be in to appreciate it.

BUTTTT, thats only my car, it seems to be a fair bit faster than most williams, but 2 live has a 172 munching williams too!

A standard willy did 0-60 in 7.6 and 121mph top speed. The BHP per ton difference is is 6 bhp less than a 172 (155bhp/ton. Obviously, on paper the 172 is faster though in the real world it would probably depend on how good the driver is, though the 172 will have better tyres as standard.
  mk2 172

ps cord, the accelerate/decelerate thing is the 172 making it off the roundabout better then a bit of 2litre willy power reeling in:)

Damn it - I could have bought a Williams and saved a hell of a lot of money on insurance and up-front cost too...doh.

Right... 172 project is underway: Cams, Chip, Filter, exhaust, Re-map, Nitrous & fluffy dice. Im not having that!! hehehehe

good luck with the cams...........they are non existent basically......

and you would need to run serious rpm to get the benefit of even wilder cams......but you should find a way of doing it....would be a demon, but mild bottom end work would be needed for the extra rpm.....
  williams and trophy

hehe willy would win all the way

no probs lol

but after the work your planning cord id say it was a more 172 sided prospect.........

BUT ....................... doing the same to a willy would , i believe, swing it back into the willys favour.hehe

tim os is about the fastest 172 iv seen . and the standard willys are right up its arse.