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Ring pics from the Fashion Designers.

  172, Tiguan

My god im knackered today.

Ill sort the video out tonight, officially 11 minutes 48 seconds, with 3 minutes 20 of that on the F1 circuit.

;) Owned.



The GT3 RS was Don who took me around last year. I got an email last week saying this was his first weekend at the Ring this year.
  Mk2 172 (Silver)

great photos mr b....thats one extreme close up of me!! not good!! :sick:

thanks jon for the laps on sunday, truly awesome guessing you got even quicker yesterday??


ClioSport Club Member
  Weeman sucks ****

Quote: Originally posted by Tom on 29 March 2005
;)Hardcore.Sorry i didnt take more but i was kinda busy doing laps.