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road angel 2 external aerial

Can someone give me a link to where you can buy the aerial (the 5m one)

Also where is the best place to fit? fit the aerial? how hard is to to fit the RA2? Where does it plug in for power?

Im getting one in the next few days any help or anything i should know will be great thanks.

Quote: Originally posted by Gambler on 27 March 2005

where you getting it from Josh, how much?
At the mo im bidding on ebay, if not i will buy one new for £330, most shops sell at that price now
  53 plate 172

Ive heared Halfords have 10% off today - cant confirm though.

I was gonna bid on ebay but Has says you wont get the warranty with it !!
  53 plate 172

Just been to halfords, £297 today only, open till 5.

I decided I couldnt justify the spend as I wouldnt get thu use out of it. Only got £5k on my car in 18 months !
  Ford Fiesta

Quote: Originally posted by Josh on 27 March 2005

Anybody know how well it will work in my 172 without a aerial?

it can work if you mount it real low but then it will be getting its laser reciever blocked, so whats the point?

best bet it to get the 5 m antenna mount it on the drivers side at side of parcel shelf, hide all wiring then mount it just so the laser sensor is looking over the wipers.


Yeah got mine today from halfords £297 good deal :D

Works fine in my 172, just need the antenna so i can mount it in a better place and make sure the laser sensor isnt blocked.

£297 well happy:D