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Coming home from work the other morning a rabit/hare jumped out in front of me and impacted with a large BANG then I looked out the rear veiw mirror and it came flying out the back with lots of dust couple of seconds later looked out rear mirror again still what looks like dust so pull over look under car and water pissing out of radiator the hare had hit the bottom grill and pushed it in to the radiator so to the breakers today to get one only sh*t like this happens to me anyway as it has broken the grill which is part of the bumper Ive thought about fitting some of that wire mesh any ideas on how to fix it to the bumper any help much appreciated.

  Clio 197

Well, did you have him for supper then? I always eat my roadkill if it isnt too mangled. Ive been known to poach others road kill as well if they dont stop. Ive had lots of really good bunny and pheasant that way.

Bit mangled so I didnt bother and Im not that keen on rabit especialy after smelling someone cooking one with mailto:sh@t">sh@t pipe still intact enough to make you sick