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Road Rage

not sure if anyone suffers from this but had a little bit of an incident the other day.... ( I dont feel great about this but did chuckle afterwards! )

I was driving home from work in a foul mood and went to go round a mini roundabout. There were two teenagers on bikes who just went straight accross without looking. I had to stop suddenly so I horned them and they then proceeded to cycle in the middle of the road and stick their fingers up to annoy me.

Well the ploy worked and after I zoomed round them I pulled up on the side. As I got out, one of the lads was just about to give me a mouthful so I knocked him out. I looked at his mate but he ran off leaving his bike.

Bet I get loads of abuse from people for doing this but they have to learn the hard way as they have no manners!

Anger management course here I come....:mad:

Bloody hell ! I gotta admit I laughed when I read that but then I know exactly what you mean, a lot of kids today are just punks and they do need to be taught a lesson, I dunno if that is the answer as they could come back on you and you could have a serious charge on your hands but it is hard to stay calm.
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I had a 25 yr old in a sh1tbox Novavan try it on when I was driving the misses car Saturday night. The only thing was I had 4 people in the car (Wife and Inlaws) and it only a 1.1. The Novavan was an ol sh1tter and even though our car was full the Novavan wasnt that much quicker. I was all for given the guy a good hiding but the wife said to leave it ! I would of love to of had the clio then I could of killed him in both sense of the word.

I also have seen something rather handy on TV last night. In America the police have sticks with spikes in which they throw on the road to stop cars. Now Ive got to get one of these so I can shread the tyres of any fcuker that tries it on. A bit of an overkill but it would make me feel better

And yes good on clumping that kid. Kids are becoming mouthy nowadays.

Only thing I regret is not nicking the other kids bike. It was quite a nice one....

I was worried about them coming back on me but am hoping theyd be too embarressed!

Still, im a trained professional so dont try this sort of thing at home kids! Its not big and certainly not clever! ;)

Quote: Originally posted by Sangy on 30 September 2002

Only thing I regret is not nicking the other kids bike. It was quite a nice one....

I was worried about them coming back on me but am hoping theyd be too embarressed!

Still, im a trained professional so dont try this sort of thing at home kids! Its not big and certainly not clever! ;)

u seem to be both though! LOL

for one of them to run away !
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Fair play to you for doing what you did. I did exactly the same thing about 3 months ago. Thing is I got done for it and was charged with GBH but ended up with a ABH caution ;). The lad I hit was known to the police as a trouble maker but they said they couldnt be seen to be condoneing that kind of behaviour.

His broken nose and fractured cheekbone will make him think twice about gobbing off at someone ever again.:devilish:


LMAO @ Sangy

I had Incident a while back in my XR3i, i think i was 18 at the time..

I had just moved in with my GF and went out to collect a fridge.. (you will be amazed what you can fit in the back of an escort) anyway…driving though town in the blazing hot sun, I get caught in traffic!! Car starts to overheat!:mad: Anyway I turn off the engine to let it cool down… traffic starts to die down.. (do you think I can start the car again?!?) f**king fords!! It wouldn’t start for life or death…:mad: anyway,

As I’m sweating my arse off with a 6ft fridge in the back of the motor, some t**ser comes walking by with his horny girl friend laughing his head off at me because I’ve broken down :mad:… this didn’t go down to well being a very short tempered person anyway.. Finally by miracle got the car started and burnt up the road to find this kid. Bumped the car up the kerb.. ran over to him with a right hander, missed him :oops: so nutted him followed by a boot to his eye brow!! His girlfriend jumped on my back and almost took a bite out my neck!!! Screaming “you’re a dead man, I’m going to get you blown away ” was funny… and so nice to drive with that feel good factor!

I’ve grown up alittle since then.. and I now have a car that doesn’t over heat or fail to start after idle! So alls good. :D

I was just about to ask about the fridge!

Bloody hell though Rockport, I thought I had a short temper!

I was Fcuking lucky that no one saw or the Sangy would be doing porridge rather than lapping up the delights of his brand new 172Cup!

Agree with Bighp as it should make them think twice next time!

dont think i would go that far as quite a few ppl know me round my way

but i certainly feel like doing what you did most of the time

but you just gotta bite your lip and let it go

its not worth the hassle or comebacks

but if i saw someone spit on my car(regular occurence ) or fiddle with it i will KILL THEM



I had someone who thought I was in the wrong try to beat me up once. The problem is that he thought I was in the wrong and therefore had the right to have a pop. Sadly, he was very much in the wrong himself - not me. You cant tell someone theyre wrong when they want to hit you as theyll jsut want to hit you harder!

Fortunately I have a much faster car than he had and was able to make a good getaway. But I worry what would have happened if Id been in a slower car.

Im sure these kids were genuinely in the wrong. But otherwise think twice about things. Otherwise innocent people end up with broken noses!


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what age definds a kid cos im gettin slightly worried as im only 17 but i have a good 1 for a u i posted a wile ago about some t**t in a 106 following me home and cutting me up.

well he did it agint the other week and i wernt havin none of it and my cousin was in the car with me and he is fcuking scary when he gets going, so ne way the 106 and his m8 with the fiesta which is badged up as 16v turbo 2.0 ghia cosworth was with him and they were playing silly buggers so im getting annoyed and all of a sudden my cousin shouts fcuking buggery !(made me laff) and says get in front of em and stop in the middle of the road so i do and mr fiestacosworth comes screaching to a halt and 106 driver smashes in to the back of him i get out thinking my cousin would be hot on my heals and i go what the **%$%&&$ $%& £%& £& "% &%&^&*^*%&&&&%%%%^$$$""£$$!"£$"$ do u think u r doing (lots of bad language) as fiesta driver lunges at me and chuffs me on the chin so i look back for my cousin and see him just leeving my car with a massive torque wrench in his hand and he chased the buggers by this time there all out of there cars and they all run away to which he says, "hnmm that was silly of them" takes there car keys calls em back and throughs em in the biggest pile of stinging nettles in the world.

HE HE so we leave them to it aint had 1 bit of trouble since.

oh but mr fiesta has now got what looks like a water fountain bottle painted it blue and put a nos sticker on it and 1 on the back of his car.


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lmao , iv got a good one, back in my youth about a year ago me and my mate were cruising around in his mondeo, i was sat drinking tins and we were coming down bentley hill about 40mph and past a smack head whos always pinchin, he was obviously f**ked and started to flag us off when we drove past, my mate did a handbrake turn in dukes of hazard style goin down the hill and we went back and caught up with him, i pulled a 500ml full can of cheap lager from the footwell and hung out the window, got behind him and lobbed it hard as i could, direct hit in the back and knocked him down with his chest being about a foot in front of his head cos of the impact. was so funny the tossa. dont know how long it was before he got up tho


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Craggy I thought you would be a Stella man, not a cheap lager man!;) You would be better keeping a 1,200 gm. tin of Chum in your footwell, catch them on the back of the head with it and that would teach these idiots a lesson, it weighs heavier than lager!
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I can put you on an online anger management course for about £27.

Anyway I have to agree with you, I lecture 16-21 year olds on Thursdays and must admit I wouldnt mind taking them outside and beating the crap out of them sometimes.

Where my girlfriend lives kids just walk up the middle of the roads not caring about the cars coming round corners at 40mph. They jump out infront of you and think it is funny. Personally I think it is time teachers etc were given some authority to disipline kids again, not necessarily break their nose though.;)
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funny you should say that gr, as for the last year i tend to concentrate only on pubs that have stella at the pumps. i was young and foolish then and it was probs nearer two years than one ago. my workmates got me on the stella although im a bit of a lightweight. get pissed after a few pints but im always the one who bundles others into the taxi, i keep up all night:D


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You sure you like Stella? As an anagram of your name is ~ CARLING EGG ~

A couple of others are ~ CAR NIGGLE ~ LEG RACING ~ CARING LEG ~ (keeps me amused)!

Quote: Originally posted by GirlRacer on 30 September 2002
You sure you like Stella? As an anagram of your name is ~ CARLING EGG ~ A couple of others are ~ CAR NIGGLE ~ LEG RACING ~ CARING LEG ~ (keeps me amused)!

Leg Racing? I thought Craggy did "Willy Racing" instead ;)



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Now now Jilly, you dont need to feel jealous!;)

As for the 1,200gm tin of Chum, if you read what Craggy had said earlier, you will have seen that he hit someone with a 500ml can of cheap lager, so I suggested the dog meat next time as it weighs heavier! Just being in one of my silly moods!


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Not many words from Ben Hume, but if your name is Benjamin Hume, you could have an "IMMUNE HEN JAB" or if I try The Ben Hume, I can make the words "HEH BENT EMU" or "HEH TEEN BUM"