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Roamers clio

Well, youre correct in that they arent cheap, they seem to give alot more nice cold air into the engine (the top of the engine/inlet manifold is still really cold even after a good run), remapping was required to actually get WOT to be a correct air/fuel mixture across the rev range (as you might expect).

As for noise, well, its hard for me to hear cos I have the K-tec (feck loud) exhaust, so no real chance to hear it much hehe.

If you search through previous posts of mine you can see the power increase gained from the remap after I had the kit fitted, but unfortunately I didnt get a standard setup power run before I started modding.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

I have exactly the same setup as Roamer....Viper + K-tec + Remap.

Had mine roaded before, during and after mods.

Standardmailto:Before...162bhp@tf"> ... 163bhp@tf mailto:128@tw s">128@tw s

with Viper + K-tec... mailto:158@tf">158@tf mailto:???@tw s">???@tw s

then Remap.... mailto:180@tf">180@tf mailto:151@tw s">151@tw s

Ours were both remapped at London Superchips and cost £352. As you can see fitting IKs can cause more of a problem than any benefits that are expected which is why you should get it checked ASAP after fitting.

I can confirm that I havent a clue whether the Viper gives induction roar as the K-tec is mentally loud!!!! but it sounds the nuts though!!!!

I know people were saying a 172 with that Air Filter and Zhaust causes it run lean or something the other day.. thats why you HAVE to get it remapped really.

  Lionel Richie

You should be ok on JUST an exhaust, If your fueling is messed up (running lean) then you could possibly end up with some nicely cooked pistons