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Roll Cage insurance


Just been ringing round getting TPFT quotes for the valver with following mods:

Stainless steel exhaust / induction kit / lowered / wheels / possible half cage

These are the exact same mods i had the the 172 except for the cage which i know insurance companies hate and i never had any problems insuring that

Every company are saying they wont insure me because of the nature of the car etc etc even though i had one 18 months ago with the exact same mods and that wasnt even garaged and didnt have a CAT 1 either with the same company (Adrian Flux) who are supposed to be modded car specialists

Ive applied with Greenlight online as they accept cages so just waiting to hear back

Im 23, 4 years no claims, 3 points, garaged every night

Seriously frustrating as there just seems to be no logic :mad:

Advice welcome folks..........

Problem solved after a couple of hours on the phone...

Admiral have insured me no probs for £1000 less than Adrian Flux quoted me

Very impressed with them, they allow 6 mods and in the event of a claim they repair the car with standard parts which is fair enough
  williams 2 turbo

have just spent 5 and a half months trying to get proof of no claims from greenlight. my new insurance co has just put £470.00 on my premium, ecause greennlight have told me 8 times they have faxed it to them but never did. i have said good things about grenlight in the past but, dont do it!