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  Skoda Fabia vRS

right guys, 17 of you have paid so the day will go ahead

im still waitin on payment from

Darren F
Kelly J
Rhys T

ive got breakfast orders from everyone apart from Rhys
and Matt, do you still not want anything ?

breakfast is pay on the day, and im giving them the order very soon,
possibly Tuesday

the meeting place in the morning will be The Trafford Centre Car Park,
as most of you will know there are about 4 car parks, probably more
including the emergency ones, anywayz, i propose to all meet on the
one opposite debenhams, now as your approachin the trafford centre entrance
you need to be in the right hand lane, the left lane doesnt go to the trafford
and the middle one leads to the upper an lower car parks, once you are on the right hand
section of the entrance, take that road, passing the Texaco on your left,
you will then come to a roundabout, its at this roundabout you go left and
there is a car park to your right and to your left, take the right one, as its
open and large and you should be able to see very easily

i know some of you are travelling from midlands etc, so if you need help on finding
the trafford centre then please contact me ASAP, preferably on MSN as that way i
can show you maps online to make it easier

my MSN is

if you head for Manchester then its quite easy to find as its sign posted quite well
it also has a website where you can find information

i have contacted The Trafford Centre and i have been told the car parks will be open
and that its fine for us to use it as a meeting point in the morning

we need to be at R.E Performance Centre for 8:15am, and no later, as rolling will start
at 8:30am, i will post a list of rolling order up soon, but of course it may need
to change slightly on the day for any late comers or if anyone needs to go early,
so id appreciate everyones co-operation with that []


it isnt that far to RE really, but traffic in Bury in a morning can get quite bad
so obviously i need to take that into account so were not late

PGTi Magazine have paid to roll there 172 with us lot, so they will definitely
be attending the day

Food is all sorted, ive asked Ken to provide us with a bin/bag so please dont just chuck
your rubbish on the floor guys, as i dont want the club gettin a bad name, as im sure
you dont either

as far as i know thats everythin sorted now, if anyone has any questions or problems
then please post here or contact me

mobile : 07764 741467
email :
  clio 20v

you cant miss the trafford centre its a big huge thing also theres a sewage works next to it so when u can smell a rotten cabbages type of smell ur getin near lol, and im sure none of us will be late (ahem prob me lol) dont forget all your best clothes for the pic in pgti, pity we dont have the cliosport t-shirts yet, i will see u all there but i wouldnt expect much sense out of me at that time in the mornin!

touch wood, if the weathers alrite and we can chill out side R.E then it looks like its going to be a sh*t hot day
look forward to it

  Skoda Fabia vRS

oh, last check on Joe, you still ok mate to lead us all down there ?

Col knows the way but you said you wanted to come and would lead the convoy

are you still bringin some engine bits to show us ?

Wow Brun! Nice detailed instructions. I like it.

Anyone traveling up from the East idlands? Im coming up from Notts and wouldnt mind convoying up.

Boy its gonna be an early start to get there for 7:30!!


HI Brun m8.

yep, times look great, and yes, I will bring some turbo parts to show.

perhaps a head complete with manifolds n turbo, and also some 172 internals..

cranks, pistons etc..

  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea i know mate

if you wanted to get up a bit later you could always meet us at the place, but you would have to find it yourself, an make sure your here by brekky time.....11am

the address is

R.E Performance Centre
Power House
Bridge St

id advise using to get your directions from

if you need any help get me on MSN as soon as you can so i can help you out

remember to check the Trafford Centre website for motorway info etc, as there is some weird junctions around it, you need the M60 but it has two ring roads, so have a look before you head up here

also remember there will be a few S.P.E.C.S guarded 50 zones on the motorway, so set off in plenty time mate
  Skoda Fabia vRS

cheers Joe

an ive got payment from Rhys now.....well its on its way through the bankin system
  Skoda Fabia vRS

oh an here is the rollin list

1. Martyn Brunskill
2. Paul Sephton
3. Darren Fitzjohn
4. Colin Bennet
5. Mark Baron
6. Jon Barrett
7. Ged Heathcote
8. Darren McDonnell
9. Matthew Roberts
10. Alex Palmer
11. Simon Dodd
12. Patrick Boardman
13. Manuel Choi
14. Adrian Burgess
15. Ryhs Turner
16. Kelly Johnson
17. Richard King
18. Nick Kershaw
19. Luke Wood - PGTi
20. Richard Ferris

obviously this mate change slightly on the day, and the list was compiled on a first come first served basis
  320d M Sport

Played Rhys....


Theres always one....oh, and GOD HELP US if Joes leading the convoy....

  Skoda Fabia vRS

hehe well ill let you know somethin when i do, i dont wanna get you all excited in case it falls through
  320d M Sport

I know what it is!!!!!
I reckon the mag are gonna try and test some products on our cars, ie exhaust etc to see any diff on the rollers... am I right?

And Joe, Im practising my "sh*t there goes Slarty Id better boot it and *try* to follow him" manouvre.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

nah thats not it mate

and how do you think im gonna cope, im the only 1.4 comin !!!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

you will have to wait and see, i dont think it will be anything major, but it will be free
  Skoda Fabia vRS

o an wer sorted now guys for the money

Dazz paid me online today, i met up with Kelly an her fella so got her money, and Rhyss transfer should be done by tomorrow

  Skoda Fabia vRS

ok ill tell you now what i know

i dunno if any of you knew this but RSC is associated with Total

so ive got us a few free things for each member, like a pen, stickers, and a baseball cap each

hey its free !

Brun, I wish I could offer you a job dood !.. you are one hell of an organiser !.. thanks M8 !.. big style !.

and Paddy.. aha !. I see now.. said the blind man...........


Me N Mathew had great fun though (Snake Pass.. where MEN are MEN and Sheep are scared) !.. bunch o girlies behind lol !

Itll be great to meet up again .


Sir, you are most welcome.. I aint got the flair u have for organising events.. but.. with more people like you aboard, this would be one hell of a club.. (Even better than it is already lol )

I bow.......................

  Skoda Fabia vRS

this is the first event ive organised

if all goes well i would be willing to do it again i think
  Skoda Fabia vRS

jus lettin you know ive got some of the stuff this mornin

everyones got a big Elf sticker, a sew on badge, and a Total pen

the caps are on the way

Re yer text message.. surname is HANLEY..

I wouldnt even know how to send a text message ol.. I click reply and it fails every time..

I must admit to being a textual ludite

  Skoda Fabia vRS

oh, while i remember, can anyone come up with a checklist of things to do/check before RR day

im going to.....

check fluids
check exhaust system for leaks
clean/re-oil air filter
check plugs
wash car
hoover car