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Rough price for 40mm drop

torsion bar and new springs at front?(depending on price new shockers aswell)

Anyone got a rough price please?

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

You can expect to pay around £120-£150 for the fitting.

As for the price of the springs, that obviously depends on what sort of quality you want. I think they start around £40 for your basic springs, H&R springs are about £90 (I think!!).

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

From my experience I would say that youre better off getting shocks at the same time. If you get a full kit then the springs and shocks are going to be matched to each other and work well together. If you keep the standard shocks then theyre going to wear out pretty quickly and youll end up paying out again for them to be replaced, and the ride will be very harsh.

If you get the suspension fitted at the same place that you buy them from you might get a discount on the fitting, however it does depend on who you get them from.