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RR Day (Bury).. what mods have you done (power)

Hi all,

for those going to the RR day, I would be very interested in the mods, if any, you have done to increase power.

Please can you post the type of clio, engine size, and what you have changed..

Eg, cams, head, IK, Exhaust etc etc.

Joe.. ta. !
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Clio 1.4RT

Engine Mods:
Hill Power Chip
Hill Power Induction Kit
Hill Power De-Cat
Peco Powermaster Stainless Back-Box
Peco Stainless Centre Section
Magnecor KV 85 Ignition Leads
NGK V-Groove Plugs

im hopin for a 10-15bhp increase with all that, takin my car to hopefully 90bhp hehe
  clio 20v

1.8 16v erm not much lol ,pipercross ind kit, and mongoose backbox, hopefully hillpower chip if i can get down nxt wk, oh and cliosport sticker heard thats worth 30hp
  320d M Sport

My only mod is an empty Big Mac box in the boot, I heard from SaxoSports Club you can beat a 911 with one of those fitted??

Paddy-getting the Big Macs ready for the 14th.......


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

Hill Power Chip
Pipercross Induction Kit
Hill Power De-Cat
Peco Stainless Centre Section (Straight through)
Piper back box, 4" slash cut
Magnecor KV 85 Ignition Leads, If Darren brings them
Champion Eon plugs