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RSTuner Matrix Analysis

  Clio 172, MK5 VW GTi
Has anyone had any experience with this module? I have tuned Motecs in the past and was considering purchasing this module only if it allowed me to adjust base fuel maps in the vehicle. I.e. does anyone know if you can take a current cal and use this module to fine tune the spark/fuel maps to suit your specific vehicle. If not does anyone know what other module/software is required. Purely from an interest point of view I would like to be able to tune my own vehicle.

If this module does allow you to make your own .CAL files. Does anyone have a comprehensive listing of all the paramaters/tables which you can change?? E.g. throttle mapping? fuel enrichment ??

  Clio Sport 172 ph1
From what I know .cal files are not encrypted in any way. All You need is basic map editing software like TunerPro to edit its content. Afcourse You need to know where and what to look for :) I'm not sure about the checksum thou. I guess it needs to be generated for the new file.
  Clio 1.6L 16V
I found this in the RSTuner manual:

10.3 RSTuner Matrix Analysis

This module is for advanced users to assist them with creating or adjusting calibration performance files.

So if I'm reading right, this means that I can modify the .cal files when I want, where I want. Hope this helps.
I wanna know if somebody have bought it,I'm very interested!
This complement allows to change on live fuel,advance etc?
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