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run code thing??

  Astra SRi T
does anyone know what code u put in the 'run' box, so you can choose what programes start when u switch ur pc on?

sorry to be vauge
  R35 GTR
dont you need to add that to the batch file. forgot what its called.

The experts will be along soon, or just drag the program into the startup folder in windows.
  Astra SRi T
someone told me it once when my pc was running slow because there was a few programes running in the back groung that started when i switched my pc on that didnt need to be running.
  172 Exclusive #114
I'd guess you're talking about sysedit.exe which provides a convenient way of editing a number of system files, the one you're probably looking for being win.ini - That said, I wouldn't go editing those files, just drop any programs you want to start with Windows in the Startup folder...

Okay, well - go to Add/Remove programs in Control Panel and get rid of any s**t you see there that you're not using, then boot the PC in Safe Mode and run Adaware to get rid of any spyware and stuff that may be on your system.

Cleaning your PC up and getting back some processing power can be a long winded job, whereabouts are ya?