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Running in a new engine...

Does anyone know Renaults recommend run in distance for an engine? Get me Cup on September the 8th and dont want to do it any damage but know ill be very keen to give a good booting to see if its as quick as everyone says!

Thanks in advance.


nice one,

Is that running it at no higher than 3500 RPM for the first 600 then? Is there a limit afterwards or just try to use common sense? ( I do lack in a bit of that! )

im the only one who ragged it from day one (run in from the fatory) and the only one who hasnt had problems with theirs?

As i said before, not only do thrashed engines run better (Toms (who my dad was in chrge of) toyota racing team only used thrashed engines from mile 1). And its just a ploy by renault to get you to waste 6 months or so ( in terms of GR haha) pootling about and wasting your potential warrenty use if anything did go wrong.

Just rag it.....

Cheers, thats my sort of reply!

Am still going to wait til next year to go to any meets with it though. Are there any dates for Cliosport next year as have to fill in the Day Release form with the Missus as early as possible!

Thats very true.

I remember a few years ago in a bike mag, they took two brand new Fireblades, run one of them in as per the owners manual and just thrashed the other one from new.

After 5000 miles they stuck them both on the dyno and the one that was thrashed from new put out about 20odd bhp more than the other.!

Neither bike had any problems.


BenR.. im the only one who ragged it from day one (run in from the fatory) and the only one who hasnt had problems with theirs?

Nope, I also screwed mine from day one.. changed the oil at 500, 1000, and 1500...

now done 6k.. goes like stink...


I must admit, when I had the first 172 i took it very easy for the first 600 odd miles, I thought it was a bag of sh*t!!

When I got the replacement, I decided not to take it easy and ragged it early on, this one is far quicker I know it could caine the ass of my old one!


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Well, my mate has nailed his 172 from day one and that aint given any hassle in 24k miles, plus the Cup in our local dealer has been r@ped from day 1 by a couple of peeps so far (me & Captain among them) and I have no doubts that it will be fine too.

I know a few peeps that never bothered running their cars in and theyve never had any problems.

As long as the oil is changed *regularly* for the first couple of thousand miles, then it will be fine.
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Clio manual says 625 miles keeping the revs below 3500rpm and not exceeding 80mph. I have just finished running in mine as I have a lot of bad luck and do not want to give Renault any excuse if anything goes wrong with the car.

Still the car becomes a beast after 4000rpm. WOW!!!!!

i did 600miles in 3 days at lowish revs then gave it hell, at 1000 miles i went on an evo meet(from the evo forum) to wales so was a few hundred miles of thrashing round all day

Think is these days, the engines are so much better than what we had 10+ years ago. As long as you service the car at decent intervals you can do what you like to most engines.

But the thing to remember is, there are so many part of the engine that can fail at anytime, if your doing 50mph or 100mph, nothing is 100% reliable no matter how well you treat it.