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Running standard clio rears ...

off a head unit which powers 45w... with new speakers in the front...

woudld this blow the rear speakers or anything... should i definitely add some coax in the back as well, or wil the speakers cope with the power?

[Edited by clio_nut on 12 August 2005 at 11:46am]

Just stick some capacitors in, non-polarized 200 microfarad-which is rated at 100volts DC, if you dont know what this is, ask at a maplins or wherever you get your components from.

These generally stop the lower frequencies coming (i.e-the bass). One cap for each speaker.

These should be connected from positive wire coming from the HU to the positive end of the speaker, (dont matter which way around the capacitor is).

This is a quick fix, but should help the standard speakers out (by not distorting)- This is only if you dont want to replace them.

Hope it helps.
  Polo + Micra

45w from a hu is about 20-23wRMS

as long as you dont clip the tits of the hu amp the speakers will be fine