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Rust Removal (Pic heavy!)

  dCi 65 + C2 (<Sold)
I decided yesterday to remove the worsening rust on my car before winter sets in. I'm pleased with the D.I.Y results, here's what I used:

Angle Grinder with flap disc
Fine sandpaper
Grey primer
Boreal Grey Spray paint made up by Halfords






After grinding and some sanding (Rust was so bad on the sill it rotted straight through! Filler fixed that):





Dirty bus:


After filler, primer and spray:





It's not the best as you can see, but it looks much better than rot. Hope it'll last a couple of months at least. Gonna give it a good clean next weekend, see how she polishes up. Thanks for looking. :)


ClioSport Moderator
Well done for having a go mate and it looks a hell of a lot better but I've gotta agree that the finish would have been a lot better if you'd spent some time on finishing it off.

You could still make it look a lot better still, starting off with some 300 grit, then 500 then 800 then paint it again. Think you could really improve it.

I'll be trying to correct some rust on my passenger sill next week so I'll post my results up.

pot ltd Che

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Yeah the finish looks a bit ropey, but lets face it, its a 11 year old base spec clio. As long as the lads put the rust at bay for a good few months then it was a worthwhile mornings work imo.

Fair play for tackling it yourself mate.
  dCi 65 + C2 (<Sold)
Thanks everyone. I was in a rush to get it done as it's forecast to rain for the whole week. It was windy as well which didn't help my cause.

Henry: Not sure! There was a huge patch of rust there, and when angle grinding it down I thought it was just a gathering of metal flakes but it had went right through!

BREMBO: No I don't mate, was just in my dad's drive/garden.

Robbos: Gonna wash the hell out of it and t-cut the areas I sprayed, then see where I go from there. If it's nice I may well sand and paint it again!

As it was my first time doing (second time watching) I didn't expect it to be restored to it's original state, but from a small distance it actually looks pretty good! You wouldn't notice it unless I pointed out I'd done it. If your car is an old one and not very valuable I definitely recommend doing it yourself instead of replacing doors, wings etc. Cost me all of 24 quid.
Kudos for having a bash. Looks alright, at least you've made it better for the winter - which was your main concern. :)