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RWB 993


ClioSport Club Member
  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
Looks nice and a real nice effort on most of the car.

Except the stupid arcade dodgem splitter...
  RB 182 Cup
I know there are horses for courses, but I struggle to understand why people lower cars to the point where they can't be driven on normal roads. Unless of course show cars.

I also struggle to understand why people lower and over firm their suspension so that the car hops and skips all over the road. I was following a lowered Civic the other day that did look quite good, but the occupants were almost hitting the roof every few metres!
Try and drive quickly on anything other than a billiard table smooth road and you're probably going to bounce staright off the road.

My 182 Cup has standard suspension and does look a bit 4x4ish, but I can't see that when I'm driving and it handles brilliantly on day to day roads, tracking dips and crest beautifully ensuring my tyres remain in contact with the road as they should.

Rant over, sorry!