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Samsung HT-C550 or HT-C6500 5.1 Surround

  1.8 Civic EX
anyone had any experience of the above? I'm struggling to find any sort of decent comparison between the two.

I know I started a thread a few months back about an onkyo system but seeing as I now have a Samsung tv I'd like to get everything matching up.

This system will need to have inputs for the Sky+HD and Xbox360 too.

Not too worried about wireless net connection as it'll be right next to the router so will be wired anyway.

Just needs to be a good bluray player with decent surround and enough connections for what I need.

Any recomendations/advise?


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  Clio 200 Raider
What about the hw c700 or hw c500 budget amp you could get speakers of ur choice and still be cheaper than £400 u quoted for the other 1 box systems. If it has to be samsung amp?

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  Clio 200 Raider
Although if you do need a blu ray player then i guess it would be more than your original price. Sorry thought u just wanted a sound system didnt realise u mentioned blu ray player aswell my bad doh

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