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Sat Nav HELP!!

  Golf GTi Mk1
Hello People,
Looking at getting a sat/nav unit Tom Tom seem to be the best, is that right? Wheres the best place to get one from and the best price?
I am only really going to be driving in the UK so don't need one of the top ones.
Anyone got any advice etc
What mobile phone do you have?

Do you havew a plam or pocket PC as you can tomtom 6 on this.

I have Tomtom 6 on my N80 and it is very good. The best thing with it being on your mobile is you take it out of the car.

Car thiefs will look for the mount and break in on the off chance you left it in the car.

Tom tom on the mobile is exactly the same if not better than the standalone versions.

Let me know and I can get you these versions at a good price ;-)