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saw a fake cup !

i was in tescos car park the other day when i saw a fake cup,

it was a 1.2 in monaco blue wiv, clio cup in yellow stickers stuck on the outside of the back window & a sport badge

it had 13 inch oz f1s and plastic covers over the back lights,

i thought they had done it as a joke cos thats what it looked like,

sorry to cause offence (spelling) if its some one on here

but turn it in.


I hate it when people badge up their cars to look like something theyre not! :mad:

You see Westies/Furios badged up as VTRs and VTRs badged as VTSs.



  Shiny red R32

This would be an example of a Nova driver going onto his club website saying that he has toasted a Cup!!

i live in romford and some people have got really bad taste round here, usually 1.2 novas though

i wouldnt mind but the snide cup was a mark 1

and in the wrong blue.



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Sounds familiar...

There is a dark blue (not even metallic) Clio 1.2 RN at work, with "Williams" badges stuck on it and it is so obvious! :cry:

Sad little b@st@rd. ;)
  Clio 172

what about a 1.2 clio puttin a 16v bonet on i erm have a "friend" thats thinkin of doin it ;) + no1 ever dies on the A-team, i saw this 1 where a chopper hit a cliff exsploded crashed 2 the ground blew up again an then they all climbed out as if nothin had happoned :confused:
  CTR EK9 turbo

urrrrrgh. I dont know what goes through peoples minds. Although im sure everyones had some stage of madness when it comes to mods in their lives. I confess to buying a blow pipe for my old scirocco! it cost £15 from C.A.R. and it sounded like a Pig snorting. My brother put a limited edition chrome badge on the back of his 405 GLD! and some "noiyce" 5 spoke hub caps (people actually thought they were real alloys!!?). We did used to buy MaxMuppet a while back and they had a huge yellow sticker saying maxpower and we stuck it in the rear window of my bros diesel, needless to say it was removed a couple days after.....oh dear.....
  350z & 16v Maxi

On my first car I put an bight BRIGHT orange Alpine sticker on my back window. I had just passed my test and did it just for a laugh. Never had a max P sticker on any of my cars however, the best sticker ever was on my first car. Just below the vents in the front of a MK1 Clio there is a small bit where I had the sticker You can sleep in your car but you cant race your house I loved it but I wrote my car off so the sticker went to. I was gutted!!!
  clio i think

sup, yeh i live in romford too. seen that car around a few times. i hav a black mk2 clio with clio sport sunstrip. hav u seen me around??

clio romford ,

no mate sorry i havent if i do see u ill wave :cool:

i never seem to see any clios in our area !

only a couple of people from here