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Saw this 911 GT3 today..

  An orange one
....and fell in love, seriously nicest 911 I've ever seen in the flesh, it stood out a mile off,

Is that a standard Porsche colour? Peppermint green??

  An orange one
All wrong so far, it's jap though and 4wd on demand! ;)

Gunmetal grey is so cliche on gt3's, along with black and white
  An orange one
It's an epic workhorse! Sails through its mot year in year out, we have owned it 11 years since new!
Isn't there a Vauxhall that is the same as the Trooper?

Anyway, i can't get on with that colour myself. I really would love a GT3 one day though.
  An orange one
which one is mexico blue christopher?

i always liked riviera blue, was like a pastel racing blue
They are very similar; Riviera was the updated colour used on the 997. Mexico blue is an older colour from the 993 era.
  An orange one
i still say the peppermint green was stunning!

why everyone walks into the porsche dealers and picks a gt3 in the most boring colours is beyond me..

white, black, grey, yaaawwwnn