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Scottish Detailing Day

There is a Scottish detailing day on the Sunday 22nd October at Star performance in Kirkaldy
Carwashnwax will be attending as will Rich from Polished Bliss ,there will be a shownshine contest as well as an opportunity for you to use the rolling road (£25 per car)
This is a chance for those to gain some knowledge in detailing with demonstartions on pc ,rotary,claying and possibly wet sanding.

Hope to see you there
lol, make sure u clean that **** of yours!!

gonna clean my engine tomorrow, never been done in its 3 year life
  Exige S1 + Honda S1
cant make this one im afraid, would have been to good to see the results on the dyno as well :(
  Der Panzer
I'm traveling up from Manchester on Sunday morning. Depending on when I get back I may blast through.

I've been interested in visiting Star Performance anyway to be honest.
  Der Panzer
I'm driving back up from Manchester in the morning. Unfortunaly my grandparents for whom I'm driving think it takes 5 hours to reach Glasgow.... :S

Hopefully they'll fall alseep and I can put the hammer down. I'll try and make it if I can make good time.
  Hyundai coupe
Should be a good day although weather looks to be damp but i'm pretty sure there's washing facilites there. but no details this time just demo's cant wait!!
I'm due a lie in on a Sunday anyway so won't be arriving too early lol. Will all depend if I'm out on biking or not though...
A bit of preparation...