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Scuttle drains, am I missing something?

  2004 1.5 DCi 80 Dyna
So my clio (DCi 80) filled up with an indoor swimming pool the other day, I managed to scoop out half a bucket from the drivers side front and back foot wells as with the under seat well.



Today I took both wheels off to access the bottom of the scuttle drains fully expecting to see a pipe that is blocked, but all I got was an open hole, am I looking at the right place or should I be looking elsewhere? I only managed to look at the top of the drivers side scuttle without taking the wipers off (I have ordered a tool to do that later).

I removed a few handfuls of silt from behind the mudguard on each side.

I have seen a few guides on the net, all push at their being a drain pipe of some kind?





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  cup'd arctic 182
Wow that's bad!
It was the centre drain that was blocked on mine, you'll need to remove the wiper arms and both parts of the scuttle panels to get in from above and it's still an arse to find the outlet in the engine bay side of the bulkhead, right down by the exhaust manifold. Be aware that the carpet and the foam underneath soak up a lot of water... i removed almost all of the interior and washed the carpet with a wet-vac and soaked the foam in a dettol solution in the bath before drying for 2 days in the shed with a heater and dehumidifier.

It was one single fekking leaf blocking the hole on mine :(
  2004 1.5 DCi 80 Dyna
How easy does the carpet come up? do you have to remove the seat?
I have a feeling it's the middle one, just a b*****d I can't get to it and there is heavy rain predicted before I get the wiper removal tool!

Got 4 crystal dehumidifiers at the moment, trying to problem find/fix before I dry anything out!


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The dash does not need to be removed but the gear surround does.
Thought that, which is a piece of piss. Literally takes 30 seconds.

Seats out, rear seats out, gear surround, and the trim around the bottom of the door?

Only asking as I've got a wet passenger footwell. Not sure if I've fixed the leak or not tbh but need to try and dry it out or replace the whole lot.
My sunroof leaked recently. Managed to lift off the plastic popper that holds the carpet down under the dash and pull back the carpet enough to remove the foam underneath. Then kept a heater in the car with the windows open. The carpet was dry in half an hour.
Read my thread on this. Exact same thing happened. Exact same amount of water.

Sealed the sunroof. Both left and right hand side drains were fine.

It was the drain in the middle that caused that problem ^ on mine. Open the bonnet, reach down behind the engine block. You'll feel a long tube that connects to nothing. That's your middle drain, I just gave mine a good wiggle and everything poured out.

As for drying it's near impossible or will take you a LONG time.

Most people don't realise the carpet itself is just a generic shitty flimsy dog kennel carpet.. Dries easy.

What's underneath the carpet..

Is about a good inch thick+ pure sponge.

If you know the science behind a sponge and how it can hold like 10x it's own weight in water then... Yeah good luck getting it 100% dry.

I've got a Stanley knife. Literally cut out the whole half of my drivers side carpets/sponges. Threw the s**t away.

Gone scrap yard and cut out a dry set. Sorted.
  172 Ph1
Got to love Renaults for water ingress. Happened to me when I got my Dci .
Was a goodN so I showed it the love .

As above ^^^^ Mine was the Sunroof , and the centre drain on my 172.

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I have a swimming pool under my drivers seat and the back drivers side floor well.cut carpet pulled back removed foam which was sodden.
Cleared and dried water. It's rained again today and I'm back under a good 4" of water in the same place. ??????


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Does it come through the window? I would otherwise check the three skuttle drains? Do you have a sunroof? If so, has the seal been repaired?