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Se K800i Memory


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
I've just got k800i today . Just upgraded from a nokia 6680 which i like and is piss easy to use . First impressions on the k800i is that there's a s**t load of little buttons , i have big fingers n thumbs , lol , so i'm not too sure if its gonna be the phone for me just yet , time will tell .

Anyway , back to the memory . How the fcuk do you open the cover to install a memory card . I don't want to break it but i can't seem to get it open , lol . Any help would be much appreciated :eek:
  Dynamique S 138
memory slot is located on the left hand side of the phone, just use something small to prise it open like a knife or something
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451
as said just pull it hard, it won't break. I upgraded recently from a 6680 as well, the software is a lot quicker, more reliable, the camera is excellent, I love it, its the first non-Nokia i have had.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Cheers for that guys . I thought it was gonna break when i tried to pull it off , lol .

Same here for me Garethh , my first non nokia as well .
  tiTTy & SV650
did you guys get a memory card with your or have to buy it seperately?

02 don't give you one, I want to know who does so I can say I've been offered one elsewhere and persuade them to give me one when I order my K800 later today....
It doesn't come with 1 as standard from any operator that I know of. People might have got 1 by blagging them.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
3 wouldn't give me a free memory card , all the deals i looked at with other operators seem to be the same . Bit of a pain the arse this phone . I thought all my contacts were stored on my sim card , 3 have informed me they are stored on my phone and it looks like i have to transfer all my contacts to the sim individually , :eek:
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451
i didn't get a free memory card from Vodafone, can get them on ebay for around £40 IIRC
All modern phones store contacts on the phone. Why would u want them on the sim when the phones memory is better? Suppose there is the thing of transfering contacts to a new phone is easy when its on the sim, but with newer phones nowadays its easy to transfer contacts from phone to PC and back.
I got a free one from 02 :)

They hadn't been out that long at the time, and I rang to say it hadn't come with one. The bloke said to go to an O2 store and buy one, fax proof of purchase to him, and he will refund me the money.

Doubt you could get away with it now as imagine they know it shouldn't come with one.
Don't worry about it, I couldn't get the cover off either!

I negotiated a 1gb card off Phones4U, took ages to arrive but well worth it, not much money overall but when agreeing to £35 over 18months I'm sure they have a margin to place with.
Is the phone its self worth getting ??
I just got a nokia n73 (it was a toss up between that & the se k800i) i've had the nokia for a couple of days & I don't like it as much as my se w800i :( (this phones my upgrade)
  172 Cup
I love my K800i.. A few of my mates have N73's and they all wish they'd gone for the K800i. The camera on the K800i (with a real flash) is amazing.
I remember that I asked this question a while back,the phones are so similar its untrue !
I've just done a search & read reviews on both.
I'll stay with the n73 for now - bot 14 days approval on it, so no rush.
  A silver one
I just got a 1gb card from for £40.

Now if I could only find some free games or software to fill it up with....