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Seat Ibiza mk 4 FR, any thoughts?

  Clio IV 0,9 Tce
Iam thinking of changing my Altea FR TFSi for one of these, do any of you have any experiences with these.

I love them with the Seat Aero Kit on:


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Good cars, but I wouldn't own another one.

Very very uninvolving to drive, and not that quick. Felt like I was driving a people carrier too. I love Seats, i'm a really big fan, but the Ibiza FR was a massive disappointment for me. Especially compared to a Leon Cupra R.
  Clio IV 0,9 Tce
Yeah i would imagine, but it is a different price too. I would like something a bit cheaper, and as for the speed, wont a remap see something like 190 hp?
Got any pics of yours?
Iam open to other suggestions for similar cars though.