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Second hand value

  A well built VW
I have been looking at this ad but wondered how much do you think i should offer him

Polk Momo mm120 12”sub in a black box. The sub has only been used for a month and is in immaculate condition. The sub spec is in the following link. Sub retailed for 300 pounds.

Alpine mrd-m300 amp. Amp is in original box and has only been used for a month as well. Spec is in the following link.
  Chocolate Bar™
u have to be a bit cheeky, offer him 200 for the sub, and working on the same principle a third less than retail for the amp (whatever the price is)
  A well built VW
Do you think its a good combo ?

What else will i need to wire it up - this do

10 AWG transparent red power cable with in-line ATC fuse holder, 5m
10 AWG black earth cable, 0.5m
5m screened RCA cable with gold plated plugs
5m blue remote cable
6m transparent 0.75mm sq OFC speaker cable
30A ATC blade fuse

wheres the best place to get it?
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  Polo + Micra
no not really a good combo as that amp only produces 150wRMS @ 4 ohms

whick is f**k all for a sub
  A well built VW
Cheers Dink What would be better ?

Is the stuff listed above all im gonna need to wire it in ? Never done one before .... any help appreciated
  Chocolate Bar™
The Big Yin said:
lol@Middo I was thinking about a ton you think thats a bit too cheeky then

worst he can say is no! i'm workin on the principle they're pretty much new, give it a go though lol